We can serve a wide range of clients, from individual entrepreneurs to multi-entity groups of companies, and everything in between, though most of our clients tend to be newer, growing businesses. Our clients operate in a broad spectrum of industries: restaurant, service, retail, travel, manufacturing, creative, advertising, technology, professional, real estate, consulting, and sales. We counsel our clients through business contracts and other transactional issues that arise in the formation or operation of their companies. For some of our clients we serve as outside general counsel, handling most general business matters in our office, and bringing in specialized counsel as needed, such as for securities issues or litigation. 

In a typical outside general counsel arrangement, we will have weekly scheduled meetings with the client. Those meetings are billed at a lower rate, and in those meetings we review completed work and identify new matters and next steps. Outside of those meetings, we handle all or most of the general business work, such as a letter of intent, or manufacturing agreement, and we work with outside counsel to address the rest, such as funding documents or patent prosecution. 

Whether we are serving as outside general counsel or on a traditional engagement, our clients frequently call on us for advice, counsel, negotiation, or drafting on or of the documents listed below. 

Formation documents: articles of incorporation and bylaws, articles of organization and operating agreements, initial meeting minutes or consents. 

Documents to address the following transactions or subject matter: letters of intent to lease property or purchase assets, confidentiality and nondisclosure obligations, commercial leases, asset purchases, manufacturing, business services, licensing, technology, creative services, client services.

There are many other documents and matters that we can handle, but that are not listed. If you own or operate or manage a business, and you have a legal question about that business, please contact us about it.